Anti DDoS Attacks

Solve major types of DDoS attacks problems, provide more than 1000 Gbps mitigation capacity.

DDoSING Network

Since its establishment in 2012, DDoSING Network Internet, as a Server Infrastructure supplier, a upstream network supplier, and a well-known server rental service provider in Hong Kong, firmly believes in continuously providing customers with high-quality hardware facilities, cost-effective lines, and fast response pre-sales and after-sales services. Services not only help customers to take advantage of global data interconnection, but also the gist of a qualified server infrastructure supplier.

Our services

We provide high-performance servers and advanced anti- services

Dedicated Servers

DDoSING NETWORK offers flexible high-performance server options, we provide high-performance computing modules.

Server Colocation

With our colocation offers, it is possible to house your servers in our data centers in Los Angeles or Hong Kong.

Anti-DDoS Service

As a networking provider, we provide anti-DDoS service  to be resilient event against abuse such as DDoS.

Our work

Our professional team provide 7*24 full-time service for customers.

Our testimonials

Anne knows the company's products well, understands the needs of customers, has good business communication skills, and knows which products customers need to handle.
Anne Doe
John Allen has 30+ years of network security industry experience and has experienced the development of the network security industry, familiar with the principles and solutions of various network attacks.
John Allen
Technical Director

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