Why Choose Us?

  • DDoSING NETWORK has many years of experience in network security services. Based on the network security services of customers, we have expanded our research scope based on network security services and accumulated years of experience in security defense. We promise provide the best service for customers.
  • The consummate Infrastructure. We have up to thousands of advanced defensive physical servers, complete network facilities, and good computer room security protection measures.
  • The network is widely interconnected, accessing dozens of well-known international network providers, and up to 1000Gbps bandwidth resources.

Best DDOS Mitigation Solution

We built our POP in US and Hong Kong, multi POPs help us to provide customers with DDoS Mitigation services. We have more than 1000Gbps Mitigation Capacity and it's growing fast.

China Optimized

With Multiple direct connections with all three major Chinese carriers (China Telecom, CN2, China Unicom and China Mobile), we can provide the highest quality network to Chinese audiences.

High-Performance Hardware

We provide Customers with Dedicated Servers from E3 V2 to the latest E5 V4 Xeon series processors, and we can also provide all kinds of customization.

Quick Response

We have a fast response mechanism. Your service is always on duty. Once an abnormality is detected, it will respond immediately.

24*7 Professional Service

We provide 24*7 sales and support, please submit a ticket in our customer service system or contact us with our chat system  whenever you econter any problems, we are here to help!